History of My Top Sider Shoes

The Top Siders were the first boat shoes introduced into the boating market.
I have worn Top Siders since the 80’s. They have always been my favorite shoes.
Everyone knows 🙂
why I wear top siders. They’re the most comfortable shoes.
The first pair I bought was back in ’85 for $15.00 on clearance sale.
My latest pair I bought for $80.00 and I am completely satisfied.

I got my next shoes a year ago as a gift from my wife:
Top Sider Shoes from my wife
Authentic Original Boat Shoe by Sperry Top Sider – Click to see.
I wear boat shoes all the time, and this is the first pair that makes my feet black when not wearing socks. Be careful: dont buy junk Top Sider shoes!
Dont buy Authentic Original Boat Shoes by Sperry Top-Sider!

Anyway I love these shoes and “Footwear News” named Top-Sider the 2009 Brand of the Year – because these are great shoes. If you love boat shoes then Top Siders are the only way to go…

About Top Sider Shoes


My name is John Salivan. Top Sider Shoes is a comprehensive site about  Top Sider shoes. My goal is to provide the most accurate resource on the Internet about how to choose boat or deck shoes and the various styles and colors available. I want to review all of the major styles in the Top Sider shoes business, from competition to recreation. Ask me anything if you want.

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