History of My Top Sider Shoes

The Top Siders were the first boat shoes introduced into the boating market.
I have worn Top Siders since the 80’s. They have always been my favorite shoes.
Everyone knows 🙂
why I wear top siders. They’re the most comfortable shoes.
The first pair I bought was back in ’85 for $15.00 on clearance sale.
My latest pair I bought for $80.00 and I am completely satisfied.

I got my next shoes a year ago as a gift from my wife:
Top Sider Shoes from my wife
Authentic Original Boat Shoe by Sperry Top Sider – Click to see.
I wear boat shoes all the time, and this is the first pair that makes my feet black when not wearing socks. Be careful: dont buy junk Top Sider shoes!
Dont buy Authentic Original Boat Shoes by Sperry Top-Sider!

Anyway I love these shoes and “Footwear News” named Top-Sider the 2009 Brand of the Year – because these are great shoes. If you love boat shoes then Top Siders are the only way to go…